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Speaking Portuguese in Santiago

Students of Portuguese who I met yesterday.

Students of Portuguese who I met yesterday.

It’s unbelievable the amount of Cubans interested in learning Portuguese. I’ve already met dozens of them. They really love the Brazilian culture and dream to visit Brazil. Because of this, when I say that I’m Brazilian I always make new friends very quickly! 😀 Yesterday I visited the Portuguese class of my host in Santiago de Cuba. Very cool! I could answer questions about the language and about the Brazilian culture. At the end of the class, some students thanked me and said this class had been the best class of the whole year! It made me so happy. 😆

[Fábio Monteiro]

Bandeira do Brasil.Resumo: hablando portugues en Santiago de Cuba.

Resumo: parolante la portugalan en Santiago de Cuba.

Resumen: falando português em Santiago de Cuba.


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Finding special people again

Perfect Mexican day with my sweet Iza.

Perfect Mexican day with my sweet Iza.

One of the best stuff about traveling alone is meeting new people and making new friends. Inexplicably, a lot of interesting people always appear through the way… However another cool thing is meeting loved ones who you haven’t seen for mouths! And exactly that happened in this first week here in Mexico. I met again my dear “white girl”.

[Fábio Monteiro]

Bandeira do Brasil.Resumo: reencontrando pessoas especiais.

Resumo: retrovante specialaj homoj.

Resumen: reencontrando personas especiales.

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I’ve been to Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls: one of the most beautiful places which I’ve seen so far in USA.

Niagara Falls: one of the most beautiful places which I’ve seen so far in USA.

Really cool! Today I visited one of the most important sights in US: Niagara Falls! It’s the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the US state of New York. The place is incredibly amazing! I thought the falls were located in a forest, in the middle of nowhere. However they are in a very urban place, practically within the city! It’s interesting that in Brazil everybody knows this place thanks to an episode of Woody Woodpecker which has been broadcasted lots of times on television since the 80s…

[Fábio Monteiro]

Bandeira do Brasil.Resumo: visitando as Cataratas do Niágara.

Resumo: mi vizitis la akvo-falaron Niagara.

Resumen: he estado en las Cataratas del Niágara.

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Studying English in U.S.

New friends of ELS English Course at East Tennessee State University.

New friends of ELS English Course at East Tennessee State University.

Studying English in U.S. is incredibly different. Having native teachers and using the language all the time give you other level of confidence. Unfortunately I’ve studied for just 4 weeks here. It’s not enough time to improve my skills a lot or get completely fluency, but at least now I can understand better where my real level is and what I have to do in fact to advance. Moreover I’m making really good friends, who live in a lot of different countries around the world… No doubt the cultural interchange is always the best part.

[Fábio Monteiro]

Bandeira do Brasil.Resumo: estudando inglês nos Estados Unidos.

Resumo: lernante la anglan en Usono.

Resumen: estudiando Inglés en los Estados Unidos.

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The beach in Fort Lauderdale

At the bar, next to the beach, I could drink a really cold beer...

At the bar, next to the beach, I could drink a really cold beer…

Yesterday I spent the day at the Fort Lauderdale beach. I got surprised because it was Monday, but a lot of people were there. The beach is very beautiful, the sand is quite white, the water looks very clean, and there are a lot of coconut palms along the sidewalk. It’s even similar to our Brazilian beaches! The main difference is that you can’t buy foods or drinks here, there aren’t sellers or refreshment stalls on the sand. So you have to bring these things from home. Another important difference: alcoholic beverages are prohibited! Fortunately there are a lot of bars near the beach… 😀

[Fábio Monteiro]

Bandeira do Brasil.Resumo: um pouco sobre a praia em Fort Lauderdale.

Resumo: iom pri la strando en Fort Lauderdale.

Resumen: un poco sobre la playa de Fort Lauderdale.

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Why I’m so handsome

England flag Follow my tips and be handsome too… =P (This was an English exam).

 I’m handsome, aren’t I? My mother used to say this when I was a baby...

I’m handsome, aren’t I? Ok… my mother used to say this when I was a baby… Hehe.

I really don’t know exactly what my body age is. In general, the people say that I look younger than I really am. Last weekend, for example, a girl said I was 24 years old, but in fact I’m 34! (Please, don’t spread that! Rsrs). I always say that I have a good genes, since I don’t do enough exercise and my diet isn’t so healthy.

When I was a child and teenager, I used to do many sports. I played football and basketball. I liked riding a bike and swimming. I even did many martial arts! However I haven’t done anything for 10 years. Since I started to work, I haven’t had free time to do sports very often.

To make up for my sedentary lifestyle, my diet is not so unhealthy. I’m a lucky guy, because I live with my mother and my sister! My mother is always on a diet. And my sister is vegetarian. Therefore our fridge is always full of healthy food. Many kinds of fruits, vegetables, juice and no meat. I think I commit just two faults in my diet: maybe I drink too much coffee daily, besides some beer at the weekends. But everybody needs to relax, you know…

My healthy family!

My healthy family!

I guess there is another important point to look younger: our attitudes. Because of this, I always try to be an optimistic person, facing up to the problems with a smile. In Brazil we usually say that you have to smile always, even if you have no reason to do that! Without a doubt, this kind of attitude can greatly decrease the stress level of our everyday life, and consequently it’ll improve our health and our body age. So I try to act that way in my work and social life. Maybe that keeps me so handsome, charming and sexy! =P

[Fábio Monteiro]

Esperanta flago.Resumo: Personaj konsiletoj por iĝi bela kaj sana… =P

Resumen: Consejos personales para mantenerse guapo y saludable… =P

Bandeira do Brasil.Resumo: Dicas pessoais para ficar bonito e saudável… =P

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Where to find film scripts on Internet?

England flag Studying English through movies.

Yesterday I realized that I haven’t posted anything in English for several weeks. So I decided to do that right now. Actually I haven’t studied English as I really should study, but I can explain. The university where I study English was on strike, therefore there weren’t lessons. However I usually try to study something at home or at the bar. Yes, I think that studying languages around the table, drinking beer, and talking to friends, is a very good method to learn… Have you ever tried to do it?

Around two weeks ago I found out another interesting way to study. A website where you can find a lot of film scripts in English ( I already downloaded many of my favorites and I’ve studied a film which I really love: “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” written and directed by Woody Allen. The plot is very interesting and exciting, it shows two American friends, Vicky and Cristina, who spend a summer in Barcelona. There they meet a charming Spanish artist, Juan Antonio, who is attracted to both of them. To complicate the love triangle, the Juan’s ex-wife, María Elena, appears and also wants to participate in the confusion.

I'd like a picnic with Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz... *-*

I’d like a picnic with Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz… *-*

Besides studying English, this film also seduces me a lot because all three actresses are absolutely beautiful and sexy: Rebecca Hall (Vicky), Scarlett Johansson (Cristina) and Penélope Cruz (Maria Elena). By the way, I’m gonna watch it again right now…

[Fábio Monteiro]

Esperanta flago.Resumo: Lernante la anglan per filmoj.

Resumen: Estudiar Inglés a través de las películas.

Bandeira do Brasil.Resumo: Estudando inglês através de filmes.

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