Traumatic School Days

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England flag What can I remember about my School days? Read down and discover almost everything about my childhood.

I don’t like remembering my school days. In fact, that time wasn’t cool… And certain memories make me too sad. Almost nobody knows my strange story and, probably, many people will get surprised reading these lines…

I used to be a nerd kid!

I used to be a nerd kid!

I used to be a shy boy in the primary school. I was the shortest kid in the class, the thinnest and the strangest. I used to wear a ridiculous coke-bottle glasses and an impeccable uniform. I looked like a nerd, but I didn’t use to study very much. Actually I hated those things, but my mother didn’t. So I had to go to school every single day against my will. My main problem was I didn’t like talking to other people. I usually spoke only the necessary: “present!” when the teacher called the student’s names at the beginning of the classes. I didn’t use to do sports with the other boys and, at recess, I preferred to be with by myself reading a horror novel. Therefore I had no friends! When someone tried to approach me, I used to run away desperately. But I had my reasons…

My psychological problems started in my sixth birthday party. After the “Happy Birthday to You…”, the teacher left us alone for a while. Enough time for the tallest and strongest boys piss me off! They were jealous of my gifts, so they attacked me, beat me a lot and took off my clothes. Oh God! I was naked! I was absolutely naked in front of everyone! I can still remember the laughter of the girls… How terrible laughter! What a shame, God! But I thought I would avenge them one day…

I used to be a punk boy!

I used to be a punk boy!

So at the high school I became a revolted! I was only 12 when I started drinking and smoking. The cocaine went into my life when I was 14. I used to get drunk during the lessons and the teachers complained about my behavior, my smell and my clothes. I used to dress like punks in New York, with torn and dirty clothes. I also used to have the coolest punk hairstyle in the world, and I have had many tattoos since then! In my walkman I used to listen to Sex Pistols and Ramones. I just wanted to be different. I just wanted to be popular at school, especially, with the girls… However something was wrong. They didn’t like me. It seemed that they loathed me. I didn’t know why! When I tried to approach them, they ran away from me. Sometimes they made fun of me and I could hear their laughter, that terrible laughter which made me remember my sixth birthday… What a shame! So I thought the revenge time had come…

I can kill you!

I can kill you!

One day, because of nothing, I got very furious! I went to a gun shop in the city center and stole the most powerful weapons that I found. Then I went to my school and came into it shooting everywhere! I killed many people, many stupid girls and some teachers who hated me. It was really cool! Certainly one of the happiest days in my whole life…

Maybe you are wondering “what happened after that?”, “Are you insane?”, “Were you arrested?”. So I have to explain where I am now. I’m not in a prison or in a madhouse. Absolutely not! I’m just in my English course, creating a crazy story to learn how I can use “used to”… I hope I’ve really learned because I don’t want to remember my traumatic school days again.

[Fábio Monteiro]

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