What kind of music do I listen to?

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England flagHere I describe my close relationship with the world of music.

Playlist: my weekly article about music in the newspaper “O Povo”.

Playlist: my weekly article about music in the newspaper “O Povo”.

Nowadays, I think that I’m an eclectic person when the subject is music. I can listen to “almost” all kinds of music without big problems. I suppose that I’m this way because I began to write about music to an important newspaper of my city. Yes, I’m a journalist! Because of this, I must listen to all types of music, since I can’t always choose the subject about which I’ll write (click on the image at right to see one of my articles in the newspaper.). So that shows me there are good musicians and good songs in practically every genre.

Nevertheless, when I was younger, in my teenage, I preferred Rock and Roll, like most of my friends. Although I wasn’t a too much heavy metal fanatic, I had long hair and wore black T-shirts with pattern of that sort of bands. At that time, the “typical teenage rebellion” told me that there was only Rock and the other kinds of music were just garbage. This attitude was very childish and irrational because I didn’t even understand the lyrics in English! It was the little foolish things of adolescence…

I was interviewing two famous artists in Brazil: the reggae band “Cidade Negra” and the singer “Ivete Sangalo”.

I was interviewing two famous artists in Brazil: the reggae band “Cidade Negra” and the singer “Ivete Sangalo”.

But the time is a great teacher. After some years, nearly everyone realize that there are many things besides Rock and Roll. By the way, the Brazilians don’t have to look for it so far away, because the Brazilian music is very unique and diverse. I’m not a professional critic and not even an expert on the subject, but I can say with some certainly that the Brazilian music is one of the richest in the world. However, if you really like listening to new and different songs, the internet offers the possibility to travel around the music world, for example, there is a social network called MySpace where musicians from all parts of the planet make their works available for free. Incidentally, lately I’m listening to Korea’s folk music! It’s made with ancient instruments, has a slow rhythm and soft melody. It’s ideal to relax…

I was enjoying the concert of Wander Wildner.

I was enjoying the concert of Wander Wildner.

Other important point about music, according to me, is that there aren’t right moments or places for listening to music. I hear music anytime and anywhere. Maybe I’m addicted to music! There are millions of music files in my computer and my iPod. Nevertheless, I like telling that nothing replaces a live concert. The emotion which you feel in front of the stage watching your favorite band playing your favorite song is unbelievable! Whenever I get a chance I go to the gigs which happen in my city. Practically, every weekend some famous artist comes here to do a live concert. I’m almost always there, after all, this is my job…

[Fábio Monteiro]

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